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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Hello there !

Thank you for stopping by.My name is Nive.Cook /author/ explorer/ dreamer/ dinner table missionary/ web master of handful of joy.I live in a big beautiful state of Texas with the loves of my life,our two children and my very hard working husband.Very soon a yellow lab will be a part of our family 🙂

I started blogging an year ago,when my husband came up with the idea of writing down what i cook,so he can select what he wants to eat by looking at the picture.Clever ha !

So it all began.I have always been interested in food.More then eating the food,it is the culture of food,woven in a tapestry of stories and memories that fascinates me.It gives me an opportunity to explore the world from my kitchen,which appeals to the inquisitive traveler in me.As the time has passed by,my faith in Christ,our Lord and savior,has matured.With that,I want to be missional about the food.You can also catch a glimpse of my { intentional yet imperfect }pursuit to serve my Lord at playdate with purpose.

My cooking style?There is none.Though it is influenced by my Indian heritage,my mom’s home cooking and what i have picked up along the way.I love to experiment with world cuisine.

We mainly eat poultry and fish in our home with whole grains and rice(Its an Indian thing !).So recipes are adapted to fit our family’s preference.I prefer to cook from scratch.I grew up  watching my mom do the same.I love to grind my own spices, grow my own herbs and read cookbooks.

Spices and condiments are the colors.So add little bit of your imagination in your ingredient list while cooking.Don’t forget to add an extra heaping tablespoon of love while you are at it.

Lets get cooking 🙂