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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Posted by on Mar 19, 2012 in Dessert | 1 comment

Ono Butter Mochi

Ono Butter Mochi

My friend Ethel is as good of a baker as she is a cook.And I am not talking just cookies and cake.She bakes great bread and makes  unique dessert.One day at the playdate she talked about this dessert which used lots of coconut milk and rice flour.Yeah,you guessed,once again we were talking about food ! It sounded good to me.I was so sold on by Ethel’s description of it,I could not wait to get that special rice and finally the day arrived when Ethel brought this dessert to share over the playdate..So here is the recipe she followed for  Ono Butter Mochi (Mo-ki).


Ethel’s Notes:

  • I usually melt the butter in my glass baking dish, which automatically greases the dish…no greasy measuring cup to clean!).Very smart Ethel,my kinda gal !
  • I used 2 cups (1 can) of coconut milk plus 1cup 2% milk instead of 3 cups whole milk.You could use all Coconut milk,if you like.
  • Used 1.5 cups sugar so it’s not as sweet.You can find Koda Farms Mochiko sweet rice flour at Central Market in the Thai/Japanese food aisle on the very bottom shelf.
  • One of Ethel’s  friend uses whiskey/rum/bourbon instead of vanilla,to make this dish.
  • Try not to eat the whole dish in one sitting 🙂


My take :
  • I like coconut milk and rice and sugar and it has all of it and it was not too sweet.So i love  it.
  • This is not a typical baked American dessert.It has Japanese – Hawaiian root.It is a very subtle dish.Give it a try.

1 Comment

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