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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Posted by on Mar 28, 2012 in Dessert | 1 comment

Cake Pops and Easter Basket

Cake Pops and Easter Basket

Have you heard of cake pops?I was introduced with CUTENESS GALORE called ‘Bakerella’ couple of years ago.Such a unique twist to the cake.I can’t get over how cute they are.It wasn’t until now that i made it though.I have heard the horror stories of making cake pops at home.And i must say they are all true but cakepops are still doable without fretting :-).Beware,this is going to be a long post.So do not blame me in the end,I warned you.

Easter Cake Pops

Easter Cake Pops

My friend Stacey was ‘getting rid’ of her Bakerella’ cake pops book and she ‘entrusted’ me with its new ownership.I WAS THRILLED.Do you see anything wrong with that picture?

I decided to keep ‘Resurrection Sunday’ as ‘Purely Resurrection Sunday’ and have Egg hunt,commonly associated with Easter in modern age, in my backyard celebrating Spring along and calling it ‘Easter Spring Party’ directly inspired by ImpressYourKids .My eyes were stuck at their Easter pops and Easter basket made using ice cream cones in the book when I was flipping through it, with kids in my head.So I decided .I followed Bakerella cake pops instruction as closely as I could, with what I can find in my grocery and craft stores here. My ingredients were,just what it says in instruction :

I used

French Vanilla Cake Box mix (18.5 oz)
12 Oz box Whipped white Frosting

For Cake Pop Easter Basket:

Flat bottom Ice-Cream cups
Colorod coconut flakes
Jelly Beans
Sour Punch Straws

Cake Pops and Easter Basket
The way i implemented Bakerella cake pops instruction 

  • I made the cake in 13 by 9 pan.Cut in 4 quarters.Tasted it and it was delish.I kept 1/4 just as ‘cake’.
  • Friend of mine,has made her flawless cakepops using ‘whipped’ cake frosting.So i used that.I used little over 3/4 of the box.
  • Made the cake dough by mixing cake with frosting.
  • I wanted to make it look like eggs and bigger.So i doubled the size of the ball and got 20 cake balls.
  • Refrigerated the cake balls over night.
  • Next morning,melted Yellow candy melts in microwave.
  • Inserted lollipop sticks in each cake ball and dipped in the candy melt.You have cake pops.
  • I stuck each on of them in styrofoam block and let it dry.
  • Once dried,I dipped an end of extra lollipop stick in corn syrup,applied it to pastel sprinkle and glued it to the cake pops.It was BORING,MONOTONUS and I did not enjoy this time intensive process,so you will see my cake pops are barely dressed.
Easter Basket

Easter Basket

Easter Basket :
  • I basically filled the Ice cream cups with cake pop.Covered it with coconut flakes.TRIED to glue the sour punch straws on both sides which did NOT stay and added Jelly Beans to it.
  • You will only see it in a picture.Why?Because it just could not stay still and kept messing up my table with coconut flakes.yes,thats why you use SMALL original shaped cakepops,like it says in a book

Disaster Alert:
  • Candy melt is very very thick.So when bakerella recommends to use paramount crystals,vegetable shortening/oil to thin it out,it would have been a good idea for me to not leave that little detail out.
  • Use deep,microwavable,disposable bowl to melt the candy.My melting pots stayed in a sink till next day.It is WORK to clean them .When i could have added 10 extra mins to pinterest or facebook.
  • Recipe makes 48 cakeballs.I doubled it but insisted on using same ‘lollipop stick’.Bad call.It was a nightmare to dip the ‘heavy’ cakeball and ‘swirl’ it around and not letting it fall out from the stick.So if you are doubling the size of  ‘cake balls’ make sure,you are using ‘cookie’ stick or something which can hold on to that extra weight.
  • Decorating the cake pops by gluing the individual pastel sprinkle to cake pops is a MAJOR TIME HOG and should not be attempted if you lack ‘patience’ in oddles or you have toddlers running around when you rather be focused.Not very smart.
  • Did you notice the poked holes in Styrofoam block?Yes Bakerella says,make the holes 2 inches wide but i obviously ignored it and didn’t realize it until i was holding second cake pop in one hand and trying to put it next to the first one.Again the little detail which is there for the reason.
  • For Easter Basket,Bakerella used ‘Ice cream CONES’.Cut the bottom of it and glued it to the melted candy.I wanted to avoid gluing to melted candy mold,so I bought flat bottom ice cream cups.It might have worked,if I have used TINY cake balls but it kept tipping over.Not to mention gluing the sour punch straws to both side was IMPOSSIBLE.I am glad I tried though.

Taste result 

  • I tasted the cake with frosting mix when I was shaping them as ball and I didn’t like it.My opinion didn’t change even after they were transformed into the cake balls.May be because I am not a ‘frosting’ person to begin with .May be because I like ‘cake’ with ‘cakey-texture’ or may be something is wrong with my palate.Very much possible !
  • My friends liked it.(I hope they really liked it and not were being just nice to me.)
  • Since,I can not get over how cute Bakerella cake pops are combined with the fact that I didn’t like the cake+frosting mix in one,i will have to get creative and make a cake pop which i like too.

Can i ask you a favor?

  • Please do not look back to the pictures of bakerella easter pops RIGHT AFTER reading my blog.Wait couple of days until you forget what you have seen in my blog and then go look.

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  1. why, oh why, was I not there for this? And by the way, my favorite food blogs are the ones with “disaster alerts” in them. I bet they turned out GREAT!

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