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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Storytelling | 0 comments

Camp cooking – foil packs

Camp cooking – foil packs

Couple of weeks back we went on family camping with our American Heritage Girls troop. Though I have done cabin camping before, purist opines that unless you sweat out the ‘tent camping’. It is not legit…so well this one was certainly all kind of legit…And did I love it or what?


How often your daughter comes running to you to say, mom, you gotta see the sunset?My daughter loved feeding the horses and chickens,splashed at the river,made mud balls,tasted Kumquats (nature’s sour patches btw).But the coolest of all was to see the lamb only couple of minutes old.


I had bit of an apprehension about some things but I was fortunate to go with some very experienced tent campers and they made it look like a breeze. So much so that I am ready for the next one…Time will tell if my future experiences are as breezy as the last one but until then I am dreaming of the next one!


I learnt a lot. Dutch oven cooking, foil packs on open coal fire was all new and exciting for me.Since girls were doing it as part of their badge work, they were responsible  to do lot of prep and cook stuff under leaders supervision of course !

Our AHG girls had decided on pancakes and bacon for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and foil packs for dinner. Now my experience with foil pack is limited to cooking fish with wine broth in parchment pouch, baked in oven. 


  • We cooked chicken, beef in foil. Chicken was cubed in small pieces so it cooks evenly.
  • Each aluminum foil  was layered with cabbage leaf at the bottom. Very important. It keeps the meat from burning.
  • Meat was topped with very thinly sliced potatoes and carrots as kids preferred. So it cooks evenly.
  • All was topped with butter and seasoning. You gotta have butter right?



I quickly learnt that my way of wrapping the foil was ..Well…reflected my noviceness in foil cooking.It would have oozed out the cooking liquid. Then I leant the correct way to fold it.

Once wrapped, it was initialed and put on charcoal to cook for 10-12 mins to cook. Once done, top with cheese, it was DELICIOUS. Though my kids discarded the cabbage, I loved the cabbage, slightly charred, and soaked in chicken juices.



For dessert, we didn’t have one or two but four different kind of desserts. All cooked in Dutch oven from blondie brownie to baked caramel apple to ooye gooey cake (purple people eater, isn’t that funny that’s what girls named it?) and something else that I can’t remember the name of.


It could be that dinner was prepared with so much love, cooked on open fire, enjoyed with friends, it tasted far better than if I did at home perhaps 🙂




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