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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Dessert, Indian | 0 comments

Carrot Halwa

Carrot Halwa

How do you eat carrot if you do not like it raw?

You cook it in heavy cream with sugar until it oozes out the “ghee” and devour it.

Yes,the truth of the matter is this pretty,orange vegetable  does not make it to my lovely vegetable list,i enjoy.So how do I eat and feed this healthy orange vegetable to my family?

  • I add matchsticks carrots to fried rice, just a handful,not too much that i can sense  its aroma as i take a bite.
  • Carrot Biscuits/muffins
  • Carrot cake but it is kind of sweet which i leave it out for special occasions
  • Carrot Halwa…this is my MOST FAVORITE way to eat carrots.Yup heavy cream cooked version
  • By the way,long organic carrots which has it leaves on,does taste like carrot which my grandpa picked up from the ground and we washed the dirt and everyone ate it just as it is.I might,just might crunch on that kind of carrot,if at all.
‘Halwa’ is a term used for sweet dense confection,indians make.Ingredients defines the type of Halwa like Grains, Lentils, Vegetables, Fruits, nuts,Wheat, Semolina, pumpkin, yams, papaya,carrots, lentils, dates to name a few.My favorite are carrot, papaya, semolina,dates and Indian chick peas based Halwa.
I think my Mom makes the best carrot halwa.I know i am biased.However,the process is long and labourious.She grates the carrot and cooks it with the milk as it condenses.Long slow process.Result is one AMAZING TASTING halwa.Process is precisely the reason why i never made it.Too much work.

Carrot Halwa

Carrot Halwa

My sister visited us during summer.She quipped that her friend makes this in slow cooker and i had epiphany.Why did i not think about that?It requires no grating the carrots,absolutely no standing by the stove stirring.Perfect answer to my laziness and yet be able to enjoy this delicious dessert.Now this is my kind of sweet.

Carrot Halwa


  1. 1 pk baby carrots or 12 long carrots
  2. 1 small pk half and half
  3. sugar to taste
  4. 4-5 cardamom
  5. Pistachios,Cashews,Resins(optional)


  1. Add carrots and half and half in slow cooker.
  2. If you are using long carrots,cut in half or quarters to make mashing in the end easier.
  3. Let is cook at low all day.
  4. If you are at home,mash it in between else in the end.
  5. When milk is completely reduced and you see butter coming out of it,add sugar and cardamom.
  6. Cook it for 15- 20.Consistency should be thick and dense.
  7. Garnish with nuts.
  8. Enjoy.

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