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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Posted by on Mar 12, 2012 in Bread, Indian | 3 comments

Grilled Indian Potato sandwich

Grilled Indian Potato sandwich

I know it is quite a long name for the sandwich ,I named it after grilled ‘cheese’ sandwich,only substituted the key ingredient.Let me  confess,I do not like making breakfast and lunch.I hope you are not shocked. By that I mean,as long as breakfast can be assembled out from the fridge and requires the use of microwave /toaster and may be blender (not all on the same day and same time or order),I can do that.Lunch is mostly leftover or something quick I can whip up using leftover.

So one such afternoon,I was looking into my fridge to see what leftover I have for the lunch and I noticed leftover Aloo Chokha .It reminded me what my mom made for us as a snack using it.So thats exactly what I did.Here it is how.

Indian potato sandwich

Indian potato sandwich

Grilled Indian Potato sandwich


  1. Slices of Sandwich bread
  2. Aloo Chokha
  3. oil/butter


  1. In a pan,spray/heat oil,just enough to coat the surface.
  2. Lay down the slice of bread.
  3. Spread Aloo Chokha on the top of it.
  4. Add another slice of bread on the top.
  5. Cook it until its crispy on both sides and potatos are warm.
  6. Enjoy it with tomato ketchup.

Yummy Notes:

  • You can easily perk up this simple mashed potatos like ‘Aloo Chop’ filling .
  • Everyday Indian Aloo Chokha does not have fine onions to it.It is mildly seasoned with hot oil and cumin.So in that case i saute some fine chopped onions,peas,tomatos and add it to the potatoes.To the very basic,onion is enough to give the boost to regular Indian mashed potatoes.
  • Sometime I also add the regular peanut to the oil to season it if I am making sandwiches out of the potatoes.This totally comes from the acquired taste I developed for peanuts during my stay in South India.Completely optional.


  1. This looks so delicious! Bread, potatoes, what’s not to like! Add some cheese and you have my three major food groups, lol! And since I can’t seem to get my Aloo Chop to come out right, this might be a good alternative.

    • Lieve Roos fijn dat je zon geliwdege vacantie hebt gehadik had wat eerder willen reageren maar door dat oom frits ziek werd kwam het er niet van maar ik hoop jou verhalen allemaal te horen een veilige terugreis meid en tot ziensoma van triest

    • Back in school, I’m doing so much leirnang.

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