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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Posted by on Jun 10, 2012 in Celebration | 1 comment

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

So we just celebrated our kiddos birthday.From the past couple of years,i have been big on planning birthday for our kids..i would be planning about quarter in advance at least, for upcoming birthdays.From handmade cards to personalized goodie bags to thank you cards.Not to mention food ,drinks and yes special cake.But this year was different.Different enough for my hubby to notice it.This is how the road to insanity starts

  • I find out what day of the week birthday is.Then we take treats for entire class.It translates as, me going crazy in the kitchen baking something or me driving around the town,picking cupcakes for some odd number of cute kids in the class.
  • If it is middle of the week,I can’t just let the birthday pass by like any ordinary day.Mommy guilt will kill me.So it asks for something special to mark the day. 
  • Repeat all the above, times number of kids you have.We have two sweet loves.
  • Then repeat all the above with family and friends in the weekends.

I LOVE LOVE every minute of this birthday palooza but now let me tell you the part i don’t like.’Planning’ and ‘Prepping’ for it all.So you say,why don’t i just rent a party place and order everything.Let me tell you this too,i am cheap that way,so i would rather take advantage of the space around my house and DIY.Downside of DIYing is,I have driven myself up to the wall.It starts from googling around and now to make it all easier,there is pinterest,a place where creativity and insanity goes hand in hand. …

But this year i changed it up a bit

  • I listened to my very sweet husband who always have soundest of advice and handles the stressful situation with such poise and grace that i lack very much.Yes i do listen to him,so don’t wonder but occasionally my insanity takes over logical thinking.He asked me,why do you do what you do if it drives you so insane that you can’t even enjoy our kids birthday party stress free?Not exactly but that’s what he meant.You get the idea.
  • I thought about his question.My straight answer to why i do what i do would have been that i like doing it.If what i am doing is causing so much stress for myself that i can’t even smile,i am grumpy,not to mention my bad stressed out attitude is infecting everyone else,then there is something very wrong and selfish about i am doing.How shameful it is for me.This is NOT glorifying Christ.So I DECIDED
  • That pinterest-mania will have to take back seat and watered down.
  • That I am not a super-mom and i am okay with not having everything well put together at the cost of stressing myself and my family.
  • That i am going to enjoy my kids birthday party or any party,even BEFORE it is taking place.Not AFTER  my guests arrive.
  • That i am going to make this process enjoyable.
  • That it is good to trade the laughter for bad snappy attitude,that takes over me  when i am very very stressed.My loves do not deserve that.
  • That our birthday table will NOT be picture perfect though it will  certainly have tasty treats placed on it.
  • That everyone at my party will have amazing time INCLUDING ME,before-after,past -present tense.

So what did i do different this year?

  • Since both of our kids birthdays are 1 month apart and our guest list is pretty much same for both of them at this point..We combined it.It may not work in future but it did this year.
  • I gave up on handmade or store bought snail-mail invitations.Evite rocks.Even if it is cut and dry not cutesey.
  • I bargained the trinket filled goodie bags with Oreo cookies,leftover from oreo truffles.Store bought,yes,thank you very much and cheap reuse.Something which kids will eat.
  • I did NOT spend time piping down icing making cute character faces(Strawberry shortcake/Tonka truck) on birthday cake.I followed the easy route.You will see in upcoming post.

What i gained from all this?

Happiness instead of grumpiness.I didn’t kill myself sweating every detail and actually enjoyed the process.I had lovely time visiting with all my friends.

So what should you take away from reading this long and sleepy monotonous post?

Do what you want to do,as long as you are enjoying every minute of it and it is not infecting the attitude of you and your loved ones.That you can answer affirmatively to the question,Does my attitude and action glorify Christ ?

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  1. you have inspired us..may be we will do something like this on Samvarth’s bday.

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