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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Posted by on Jan 5, 2015 in Celebration | 0 comments

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year friends!

It has been a while since I have penned in this space. Still love food, still love experimenting with food, still love cooking but I don’t get around staging pretty food pictures and writing about it.Winter? Life? Priorities? As you can see below all the picture are taken from the phone and shared in real time with my family.Yes extra flashy shine on plate,some little blurry,served on dinner table.And I am ok with that. It is less about impressing with photography skills and more about sharing what I want to with you.

So let’s talk about the new year. My family in India and I are always whatsapping.A cool app which I use a LOT with my family living oceans away. Thank you Wi-Fi!

New Year started half a day early for us. Food pictures started showing up and memories of picnic stirred up.

This is a plate my sister’s neighbor shared with them.

Lentil and veggies pakoda(fritters), creamy rice,Indian sweet

 Spread of food at my aunt’s house. Yes, I know I wish I could have flown to Rajasthan just to have dinner with her.At least dozen items not all in the picture.It is very traditional for Indians to serve multiple varieties of side dishes and take little bite of everything.

Paratha, egg curry, fried aaloo with sesame seed, masala boiled egg , mixed veggies in olive oil, khichdi, kadhi. Whole roasted tomatoes n sewain

Paratha, egg curry, fried aaloo with sesame seed, masala boiled egg , mixed veggies in olive oil, khichdi, kadhi. Whole roasted tomatoes and sewain


 Compare to above, my chicken biryani looks pale and minimal, all piled up in a plate with basic four side dishes. It was good though, everyone had double servings and leftover to follow.


Chicken Biryani,Spinach Lentil stew,carrot-radish raita,sauted potatos and cauliflower


I added Christmas crackers to our New Year plans. Case of forgetfulness. I bought these crackers months ago. I had concocted the idea of English meal one day leading to the Christmas, complete with Yorkshire pudding,Bubble and Squeak,some stew and  jam tarts .Sigh; it rested tastefully  in my imagination. Crackers  were big hit with my kids. They thought the jokes and little prizes are the coolest thing, not to mention they got a kick by hearing them ‘pop’. I think Christmas crackers will adorn our New Year table if I ‘forget’ next year.



New Year is big foodie affair. Visiting and sharing food with friends and family appears  to be a trend everywhere. I stayed cozy in my jammies and blankets and did not step out from the home that day.Sounds much better plan(although lazy) to me when it is Texas cold out there in lower 30s.

What did you do on New Year’s Day?Do you have fun New Year’s tradition?

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