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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Food-lens, Indian, International | 0 comments



Couple of days back I was craving Indian sweets. Precisely ‘Jalebi’. Something to do with the shared food pictures by my aunt. I ended up making Indian rice pudding, no ‘jalebi’.*sigh*

When I think of Jalebi, I think of Friday. Place where we grew up, there is a very popular shrine of Muslim Saint, local call it ‘Peer baba’.{Pee-r :Holy saint, Baba : term of endearment  you can say) Every Friday, locals, Hindu – Muslim alike go there to pay respect to the saint. Growing up Hindu I visited that particular shrine many many time. Not too far from our home. Usually people offered few things at the shrine, like ‘shawl’ and flowers etc. Right next to it, vendor sold ‘Jalebi’ ,made to order ,hot out of oil, which we always bought. So to this day when I see ‘Jalebi’ I think of ‘Peer baba’.


You can think of ‘Jalebi’ as Indian funnel cake, laced piping and fried, with some key differences.

  • ‘Jalebi’ is much smaller in size then American funnel cake. ‘Jalebi’ piping is dainty compared to funnel cake.I have seen funnel cake served as one giant piece on a plate, whereas you don’t buy ‘jalebi’ just one piece, though technically you can.(but why would you?)
  • ‘Jalebi’ is vibrant orange color or yellowish unlike brownish funnel cake.
  • Most importantly, ‘Jalebi’ is soaked in syrup right after it comes out from frying oil unlike funnel cake which are sprinkled with powder sugar. Reason why I have never tasted it here because cold ‘Jalebi’ is worthless.It is not available hot out of oil like that in India.I am  too lazy to make it at home :-).


I am not funnel cake fan but ‘Jalebi’ is another story.Messy and sticky goodness, oh so mouth watering.Too sweet perhaps, with every bite, little syrup oozes out but totally satisfying.

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