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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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What does Missional cooking means to me?

Mission : Make the gospel of Christ known to whom it is unknown.

Where is the mission field? Everywhere that you can walk.

With Food ? Yes,since it is a common denominator  among all of us to survive in this world.

How : It is a constant quest to me.Let me start with what it is not.It is not the food in itself which makes the cooking missional.Thought process which goes behind the dish from planing to execution is what makes it so.Chain of thoughts:

  • Be a dinner table missionary.Click the link to read all about it.
  • There are some 200 plus countries in the world.Will i ever be able to eat the food from each one of these country?I do not know.
  • Will i ever be able to visit even 1/8th of these countries,again i do not know.
  • Can  I at least PRAY for the unreached?In each of these countries?We sure can.Don’t you?
  • How can i reach the unreached?One neighborhood to another,region by region,country by country.I am figuring it out.

I can not do it all  alone but we all can,if we are intentional about glorying the gospel of Christ in whatever that we do,even if it just plain old cooking.


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Why eat plain white rice, when you can eat ‘Geelrys’? Learn it from the South Africans.  Geelrys is rice with effortless exuberant personality. It is aromatic, has touch of sweetness and is bursting with yellow color.  Raisins add sweet bite to it.I don’t care for raisins as it is but I like it plumped as it cooks in rice. My kids not so much in the rice.  Turmeric adds the yellow tint to rice. Cinnamon adds aroma. Brown sugar adds touch of sweetness.  I have cooked it with medium grain and long Basmati rice. My preference is long Basmati rice.  You cook this rice in same way as you would regular rice, adding everything to it at once in the beginning. I always make it enough to last for two meals.You can adjust the amount for one meal,if you like. I don’t like sweetness in savory dishes.So I have experimented it with less sugar or no sugar time to time.I often serve it with spicy chicken curry. After I found out about Geelrys, I hardly make white rice. It takes the same amount of time to cook both, so why not add some personality to it. Presentation is much more appealing.You always eat with your eyes first 🙂 This was our second stamp to Africa in short time. We are getting better about not confusing ‘Africa’, the continent with ‘South Africa‘ the country and finding out its location. Not to mention, praying for those sweet people. We are fascinated by African masks but I think I am going to teach my kids how to play ‘Mancala‘ for a change .Have you heard of it? PrintGeelrys Ingredients2 cups Basmati rice 4 cups water/broth 1/4-1/2 cup raisins 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1-1/2 teaspoon turmeric 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 tablespoon oil Salt to tasteInstructionsIn a pot,add rice along with rest of the ingredients.Stir it well. Bring it to boil and simmer it down to 17-20 mins,until rice is cooked. Serve it with spicy chicken...

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Greek Salad

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Have you heard the phrase “Cool as a Cucumber‘?  Not sure how this phrase came about but I can tell you that when I think of summer snack,I think of cucumbers. I think of train trips, bus stops and a man carrying basket full of cucumbers and ‘Kakdi“(‘Armenian Cucumber’) in hot Indian summer.On demand, it will be peeled, sliced and served with sprinkle of black salt  to you. I love cucumbers. My papa always bought it during summer. It is an easy, quick snack. I like the crunch and coolness of the cucumbers. Fine Black salt, a condiment, goes very well with it.Try it sometime 🙂 I always look for a way to eat cucumbers. So what will be more perfect then Greek Salad?Greek Salad has tomatoes, onion, cucumbers tossed with feta and dressing. You can add lettuce to it 🙂 I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe for guideline.I made more dressing then i needed,so i can just add it when i need it for next batch. I was bit hesitant to serve this salad to the family.Chunky pieces of tomatoes and cucumbers does not fare well in my home.No one complained,though i am an only fan 🙂 We looked up Greece in our globe and prayed over the country.We stamped our summer passport and added a prayer stick for Greece.   PrintGreek Salad Ingredients1/2 of English Cucumber thick chopped 1/4 cup red onion thinly sliced 1 cup quartered medium tomatoes Lettuce as much as you desire Dressing 4 Tablespoons olive oil 2 Tablespoons red wine vingegar 1/8 cup chopped black Kalimata olives 1 teaspoon sugar 1 clove of garlic salt and pepper to taste Sprinkle Feta cheeseInstructionsAdd chopped cucumbers,onion,tomatoes,lettuce in a bowl. Mix the dressing in a glass jar/bowl.Pour dressing as you need it over the salad Sprinkle with feta....

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Bubble and Squeak

Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in International, missions, Veggies | 2 comments

When i heard about ‘Bubble and Squeak’ for the first time,i smiled in amusement,I could not wait to find out what the dish is all about?How often you come across a dish, which is named after the sound it makes,as it cooks? That’s precisely what it is.Bubble and Squeak,i like to say that,just thought  you should know 🙂 My friend Jane is from England.One of the nicest person,you will  meet.Not to mention,her English accent is charming.I was quizzing her about English food :-)She was very gracious to answer all my questions and shared some pictures of her native country with me. I have been forever confused about the ‘tea’ time.Glad that Jane cleared some of those doubts for me.She said,” Growing up,what we call lunch time in the US,it was called dinner time and what US call dinner time was called  tea time”.Fast forward some odd years,’lunch is midday, tea time around four and dinner in the evening.’ ‘Bubble and Squeak’  is traditionally made with leftover vegetables from Sunday roast dinner. Brussel Sprouts,dark leaf cabbage and potatoes are key ingredients of this dish.Brussel sprout is one of the popular vegetable around there. My version did not use any leftover vegetables.I used mix of chopped cabbage, carrots, Brussel Sprouts, Scallions and handful of broccoli slaw.Great way to lift the spuds. My potato to mix vegetable ratio were identical,I was not measuring it. One of the challenging part for me was to flip the cabbage potato mixture to other side and let it brown.There are better ways to do it.I choose to cook in non-stick pan instead of cast iron,this time.It would have been helpful,if my pan size was as big as my plate but my pan was way bigger then any plate i had,so I chose to divide and conquer,one slice at a time.Not pretty looking but it worked 🙂 I served this dish with garlic bread and chicken drumsticks.Hubby asked for second serving of Bubble and squeak .Both of my  kids tried it willingly.I would call it success in my book 🙂 As we were getting ready to eat,i told our family about the origin of the dish.I have a college friend who lives in London.I miss her and prayed for her sweet family.It of course opened the door for series of question ,as in How do you have friend in London?Curious little minds.We prayed that God will prepare the heart where seeds of gospel can be take planted.Our devotion verse was Proverbs 17:22 and Genesis 9:8-17(verse for the Ireland,Focus on The Family).     PrintBubble and Squeak Ingredients3 Russet Potatoes 3 cups finely chopped mix vegetables(Cabbage,Brussel sprouts,carrots,Broccoli Slaw,Scallions) Oil/butter Paprika(optional) Salt to taste Black pepper InstructionsBoil potatoes until tender. Mash it. In a pan,add 1 tablespoon of butter and 1-1/2 tablespoon of Oil Add mix vegetables until it is cooked. Add mashed potatoes to the vegetables. Season it with salt,pepper and paprika. Press the vegetable and potato mixture down to the pan,using spatula and let it brown for couple of minutes. If you can flip the whole veg-potato to the other side,great.It not,slice it into section and flip each section of veg-potato mixture. Let it brown. Enjoy it warm as a side dish.3.1

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