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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Posted by on Mar 29, 2012 in Storytelling | 2 comments

My ‘Easter to Resurrection’ story

My ‘Easter to Resurrection’ story

Let me begin by saying,i wasn’t planning on writing any story,let alone ‘My Easter Story’.I was writing the post for the ‘Easter Spring party’,I had blast hosting couple of days ago and it got too long and distinctly disconnected from the ‘food’.Now you are thinking hmmmmmm…

I didn’t grew up celebrating Easter.I grew up Hindu in secular world.I didn’t know anyone besides ‘sisters’ of missionary school i attended,who celebrated ‘Easter’.I knew  first comes ‘Good Friday’ and then on Sunday you have ‘Easter’.I always wondered why ‘Good’ Friday is ‘Good’ when it is observed in such  ‘somber’.I think I have an idea now.

I do not however remember hearing the stories of ‘Egg hunt’ on ‘Easter’ at all.So if my memory serves me right,I got to know about it when I came here.Though not until I had kids,who got up to the age that they could hunt egg,I got interested in this part.I also learnt that ‘egg hunt’  comes alive with the stories of ‘Peter Cottontail’ and ‘Easter Bunny’,who hides the eggs for kids. Characters,I had no idea of.But then I don’t know lots of stuff either.

Basketful of eggs

Basketful of eggs

So i asked around and googled what goes on as a part of ‘Egg hunting’.So this is how I understood..

You get eggs. Then you fill it and hide it for the kids to find it later on.

Basketful of eggs

Basketful of eggs

I know it sounds so plain and simple but this is not how i processed it.

  • So you don’t get real eggs?Yes ,no,may be.You don’t hide the real eggs for practical reasons.First,it won’t be  fun for kids.You can’t fill it with candies.It can break and would be messy.Not to mention expensive.
  • You fill it with Candies.’Jelly Beans’  being the candies associated with ‘Easter’ as i learnt first.So I bought a bag of jelly beans and stuffed each eggs anticipating the excitement kids will have when they opened it.No it didn’t happen that way.When the kid opened it,it fell everywhere and those who were watching must have thought,who fills the eggs with jelly bean like that?So next time I remembered,to fill it with ‘wrapped’ candy.I also found out along the line that you are NOT limited to filling it with ‘candies’ .It could be any trinket or toy you can stuff inside the eggs.
  • You color the eggs.Confusing.Didn’t you just say,you don’t use ‘real eggs’?It would be hard to color the plastic eggs.No,you can color the ‘real’ boiled eggs as separate activity,without making it a part of egg hunt.I also understood that ‘dipping’ the egg in ‘color’ bath is not the only way.You can let kids paint it.Glue the sticker on it and go banana with it.
  • What do you do with so many boiled colored eggs?You can eat them.Time for lots of deviled eggs or egg sandwiches.Practical and not wasteful.I like that part.
  • You can make the egg hunt,less or more adventurous ,depending on how much time you have to prep for it and how old your kids are.
  • You hand your kid a ‘Easter Basket’ and  let them  loose.They find as many eggs as they can.I also found out that ‘Easter Basket’ doesn’t have to be ‘Basket’ by definition,it could be anything to put their eggs however most all I have seen,are from simple to  fancy.Huge marketing scheme.
  • If you are supercool mom/dad,you let your kids break ‘Cascorones’ on each other head and you marvel while sweeping the confetti’s everywhere.
  • Watch your kids get high on sugar.
Jesus dying on cross for our sins and resurrecting on third day

Jesus dying on cross for our sins and resurrecting on third day

I like all the above and so does my kids.Though,as I grew in my faith and my knowledge of Christ,’Egg hunt’ aspect on Easter Sunday bothered me.My little girl asked me one day on the drive ,‘Mom,who hides the eggs.?’Then she herself answered it ‘Oh,Easter Bunny.”I did not like that answer.I later answered her,”i hide them honey”.We had a conversation.So I started reading  more, to find the answer and what I can do to get the message across my little kids head.My friend Melissa has said it so beautifully.

Jesus dying on cross for our sins

Jesus dying on cross for our sins

I decided.I am determined to keep the ‘Easter Bunny and Peter Cottontail’ out on such pious Sunday.So much so,that I am making an effort for all of us in my family to say is as  ‘Resurrection Sunday‘ as ‘Purely‘  ‘Resurrection Sunday‘  only.Why?

  • We are the kind of family,who made sure that our kids have ‘meaningful’  names and not just the name which has ‘a meaning’.If I am so particular about my kids name,why shouldn’t I be careful about this particular day, which necessitates the concept,so foundational, to my faith?
  • ‘Easter’  begs explanation for its nomenclature.I need to look at wikipedia.For ‘resurrection’,I only need to look at my Bible.
  • Am I working around the culture or am I working to change the culture around me?Change starts with me,at my home first.
  • I do not have heritage and cute or fun memories of celebrating the ‘Sunday after Good Friday’ hunting for eggs in a backyard ,So I never had the opportunity to get attached to popular symbolism.Then why add the noise to simplicity now?
  • It forces me to get creative.I am thinking beyond the eggs. 
  • Does my action and words together,convey my faith to my family and friends,who have not come to know Christ as I have personally?Is my worship and faith consistent with the ‘props’ i am using to demonstrate it or are they at risk of getting contaminated?

Hey,i am still having a party like Amanda says.Who says,it has to be on ‘Resurrection Sunday’?


  1. Nive, this is my favorite post. You have so eloquently described the tension that should be processed in the mind and heart of every believer – whether regardless of their background. It is a real testimony of how God changes us from the inside out and empowers us to be his change agents for our culture – whatever our culture may be. Love you friend!

  2. Well, very well said, my friend! He is risen!

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