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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Gobi(cauliflower) roast with Roti

Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Bread, Veggies | 0 comments

‘Gobi’..’Roti’..its Greek…errr Hindi to me? ‘Gobi’ is Hindi for cauliflower.So the dish is,roasted cauliflower with tortilla.Lets talk about both individually. Gobi-Cauliflower : It was and still is one of my favorite vegetable.It surprises me every time when i hear someone saying,they don’t like cauliflower.I always think,it is probably because,they have tasted it from the veggie platter with ranch dip more often then any other way. Seriously?Raw?Really?I will save the adjectives. Wish they had tasted my mom’s  ‘Aloo Gobi Dum’ with ‘Poori’.Heaven.She prepared it every year on Jan 14 or Jan 15th,during the festival of ‘Makar Sankranti’.A time of transition.Harvest season in many part of India,moving from winter to spring,as sun...

‘d’ is for dinosaur

Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Alpha-lunch, Kids Lunch | 0 comments

Today i packed my kids lunch with leftovers i had which i know they liked.Tacos !! I asked my son,what shape he would like for today,his answer was dinosaur, so he got Chicken and cheese quesadilla cut in dinosaurs shapes Orange and grapes Animal crackers which he loves And for my daughter Bean and cheese taco Tortilla chips leftover chicken and red peppers skewered Smiley Mr Clementine and...

Whole Wheat carrot cupcake

Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Dessert | 1 comment

Do you know what is the perk of living in consistent 90F-100F weather? You get to enjoy the pool longer. Yesterday we were invited to informal kick off for upcoming small group reading with a pool party. Hot Dogs, sausages, watermelon, chips,veggie tray and assortment of dessert were the part of the deliciously wet  party.We had trouble getting up this morning for the school after all that fun we had last evening 🙂 I had been thinking of making carrot cake for ages,so during my last grocery trip,i had bought some carrots.I thought this will be a great time to make these cupcakes,i can use some taste testers :-)My husband cringe at...

‘c’ is for cupcake

Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Alpha-lunch, Kids Lunch | 0 comments

Yes,i packed cupcake for lunch this morning for our little girl.It is not rich,too sweet  and nutty like the carrot cakes  i have tasted but it is still a cupcake,i know 🙂 . Today also stars the third week of kinder.I was out of meat this morning and had a slice of bread left.This is what i packed in her lunch today. PBJ roll ups Alphabet pretzels Strawberry and grapes skewered(She loves her food on sticks !) Whole wheat carrot cupcake with no frosting.My girl does not care for frosting much(must be a...

Plum Chutney

Posted by on Sep 9, 2012 in Condiments, Indian | 0 comments

Have you canned before? My answer to this question would have been NO a while ago but now i can say i canned and it worked.Yippie!!! Canning intimidates me.Just the process of sanitizing and vacuum sealing seems like lot of work.In this case, i had to wait for a day to find out if my canning worked or not.Phew.Glad it was successful. So what did i can? Plum Chutney I had been to one of those regular grocery trip and noticed that plums were on sale.With no plan of what i am going to do with bulk plum ,i bought it anyway.It stayed in my refrigerator for couple of days and...

Kinder flower

Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Kids Lunch | 0 comments

Lunch i packed for my Ms Kinder today.Tomorrow i will let her enjoy fun friday pizza lunch at cafeteria with ice cream snack. Heart/flower shaped PBJ sandwich Alphabets pretzels Strawberry and grapes Cheese stick(which i was informed is not liked,so sadly it will make only occasional appearance  from now...

First day Prek

Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Kids Lunch | 0 comments

Today our boy started second year of  preschool.He is going through  transition from being at home with me to the school.From playing by himself to  being in a company of bunch of other kids of his age.So i sent him off with this lunch.It came back empty,with the exception of orange(I do overstuff the lunch and give him the option to pick and choose :-)) Spaceship cut PBJ sandwich Grapes and blueberries cup Alphabets pretzels Clementine Orange(Used wilton foodwriter to draw the...

Arroz Con Pollo

Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Grains | 0 comments

After living in US,i have come to know that many  country have their version of favorite chicken and rice dish,sharing quite a bit of similarity ,each using unique blend of spices local to the region,cooked in rich broth.So to name a few Biriyani from India Paella from Spain ‘Arroz Con Pollo’ from Latin American countries.Also add Puerto Rico,Cuba to it. Jambalaya from USA-Louisiana All these rice dishes shares some similarity at the same time each one of it have the individuality of it own.So for example Biriyani is cooked with essential indian ingredients such as ‘garam masala’,garnished with cilantro and mint. ‘Arroz Con Pollo’ may have ‘Achiote’ instead of Turmeric powder whereas Spanish...

‘Meet the teacher’

Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Kids Lunch | 0 comments

Yesterday we met the teacher for our little boy’s preK class.It was during the lunch time.Since we were going to town,we decided that we will spend couple of hours at the library playing ‘peeps’ and reading story before its time to pick up his sister.We packed up our lunch box(which we realized later that it was his sister’s box) and headed out to eat under a shaded tree outside the library.Here is what my little boy had Train shaped grape jelly sandwich on whole grain bread Goldfish  Cranberries with almond(He loves it but i will not pack this for his school) Cheese...

Tortilla Rolls up

Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Bread | 0 comments

We enjoyed the long labor’s day weekend,much so after first week of Kinder.Football season has started in our house and you can  bet we did not miss the opening game. We also had a blast at two birthday parties of our friends,which involved old fashioned fun at Kiddie park and ever so popular McDonald.Last but not the least how can i  forget labor’s day parade at our hometown?Candy loot was the highlight for the kids,i am putting dentist bills in the back of my mind for now. So on the actual holiday,we decided to take a break and planned nothing in specific but do whatever with the family at...