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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Posted by on Nov 6, 2013 in Food-lens, Snacks | 3 comments



My aunt Rita sent me these fabulous pictures during last winter. As I looked these pictures after pictures, I was reminded how diverse India is.Though i knew of sorghum(‘Jowar’ in hindi).I didn’t know the unique way it is consumed in this part of India.

So what is ponk?

It is green immature sorghum grains. It is local to the area around Surat, ‘economic capital’ city  of  the Western state of Gujrat.It is available during winter months only. End of November to February. 

Ponk, sorghum stalks are  ready for cleaning.


Photo (Rita S.)

It is roasted at the bank of river Tapti.


Photo (Rita S.)

Ponk grains are sorted out by the ladies. 


Photo (Rita S.)

This picture makes me very nostalgic.I see ‘soop’ ,’baskets’ and steel ‘Thali’. It reminds me how in villages, my grandmother and aunt  would do similar kind of thing with rice or wheat crop.Notice what women are using with both of their hands.I don’t know what it is called in english.We call it ‘Soop‘ in our home. Its light, woven thing women in India use everywhere to clean and separate say tiny rock fragments,dirt or inferior small grains from rice or wheat or mustard etc.You see the women, second from the right; she is moving the ‘soop’ in up and down motion.By doing this, smaller grains come to the front edge of the ‘soop’ and it’s easy to pick out the unwanted grains.

 Beautiful ponk, green and clean sorghum grains.


Photo (Rita S.)

 Ponk fritters, called ponk ‘vada’s and patties for yummy snack served with chutney.Yum.


Photo (Rita S.)

Ponk Bazaar (market) at the bank of river ‘Tapti’ by the temple, in Surat.


Photo (Rita S.)

Raw ponk grains are eaten with  fine ‘sevs’, kind of like super thin and delicate vermicelli, available in India commonly.


Photo (Rita S.)

Now i am craving ponk vadas with no possibility of eating this.



  1. I shall be highly obliged if you will forward reliable and
    reputed name and address (surat) who can send Dried and Fresh
    Ponk to Mumbai through agndia.

    • We are into Ponk Business since 1995. You can directly contact us on 9913018882 for more details. Providing healthy food is our motto and helping our workers for surviving better in their life is our ultimate aim since last 17 years.
      Google by “Natural Ponk Centre”& there we are with more details.


  2. Do u have any arrangement of fresh Ponk in Mumbai

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