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So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.~ 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Posted by on Nov 4, 2013 in International, missions | 0 comments

Couscous with vegetable stew

Couscous with vegetable stew

Continuing on the journey to Algeria, we checked out a visual geography series book on Algeria by Francesca Davis DiPiazza. I read part of it with kids and met with questions about sand dunes and desert fox, Fennec 🙂


Did you know that this country has been the battleground for centuries by many empires? Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Byzantines, Ottomans and French have invaded this country.

Prayer points

  • Arab brought Islam to the country in 7th century A.D.It continues to be religion of the land despite of many invasions and change in wind over the centuries. Algerians continue to debate the role religion should play in the democracy.Pray for the clarity in legislation to lead.
  • Many Berbers are gravitated towards Christianity more out of disdain towards Islam then to love for Christ. May their eyes be opened.Pray for the reconciliation efforts.(operation world)


I also learnt that Couscous, not rice, is staple of Algerians. So we had to try it.A very specific, vessel couscousiere,is used to make couscous by Algerians .It is fair to say the couscous that I found at my grocery store is not the authentic couscous. Mine took 5 minute to cook, not what the Algerian couscous will take.

  • I will be honest; my rice loving family didn’t like the couscous itself.I even chose tri-color couscous to make it appealing to the eyes!I simply cooked 1 cup of couscous as per the package direction.
  • I served it along with vegetable stew. Both of my kids quickly picked out chick peas, to my son call it ‘chippies’.
  • I browsed several recipe to get an idea about what makes up this stew and did my own adjustments.

I am pretty sure that the vegetable stew will make a return with or without couscous in our home 

DSC_0038 (2)

DSC_0015 (2)

Couscous with vegetable stew


  1. 1 Zucchini
  2. 2 Carrots
  3. 1 Yellow Bell pepper
  4. 1 Onion (chopped)
  5. 1/2 can (15.5 Oz) Garbanzo beans (Chick peas)
  6. 1 Tablespoon Tomato paste
  7. pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg (optional)
  8. Cayenne to taste
  9. 1/4 teaspoon Turmeric
  10. Salt to taste
  11. Oil
  12. 1/2 cup water(You can use chicken broth)


  1. Chop the vegetables,zucchini,carrots,bell pepper in bite size pieces.
  2. In a pan,add oil.
  3. Add onion,saute it for couple of minutes.
  4. Add rest of the vegetables.
  5. Stir it for couple of minutes.
  6. Add garbanzo beans,tomato paste and rest of the spices.
  7. Add water.
  8. Cover it and simmer it down until vegetables are soft.
  9. Enjoy it with couscous or rice.


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